Cellophane Bag C6 190mm x120mm Pack of 100

Cellophane Bag C6 190mm x120mm Pack of 100
Cellophane Bag C6 190mm x120mm Pack of 100 Cellophane Bag C6 190mm x120mm Pack of 100
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Cellophane Bag made from biodegradable cellulose. Size: 190mm x 120mm (suitable for C6+ size, eg envelopes with card, etc). Note as cellophane can contract slightly during bag making there's a tolerance in the width of up to 2mm.

Pack of 100.

The biodegradable alternative to plastic bags.

Cellophane is derived from cellulose, usually from wood, but can also be produced from cotton or hemp. It is widely used in food packaging. You can tear it by hand, unlike plastic. And cellulose is biodegradable.

These bags come from a new range of NatureFlex™ cellophane film which is certified to the European (EN13432) and American (ASTM D6400) norms for industrially biodegradable packaging. In addition they have been certified by Vincotte to the OK Compost home standard for home composting.

Note: So-called 'cello BOPP bags' are not made from cellophane. They are cheap plastic (polypropylene) bags made from fossil fuels/crude oil. Don't be fooled by the use of the term 'cello' - check to make sure bags are actually made from cellophane if you want a biodegradable bag.

Before the arrival of plastic bags, just about all clear bags were made from Cellophane and the term 'Cello Bags' was usually used to describe them. When plastic came along, being cheaper to make, it started taking away Cellophane's market, especially in the food packaging area. However some people still confusingly call the plastic bags 'cello bags' and some suppliers, who clearly should know better, call their plastic bags 'Cello Bags'.

We supply genuine Cellophane Bags, that are open ended at one end. In Australia, as far as we know there are no real cellophane bags with sealing adhesive strips - all are open ended bags. So if it has an  adhesive sealing strip, it's almost certainly plastic. To seal open ended cellophane bags, biodegradable Sellotape can be used (which we also supply), or twist ties or rubber bands etc depending on the contents.

Re contact with food: The Cellophane Bags are food grade, conforming with EU regulations, and typically used with confectionary, chocolate, dried foods, crisps, biscuit & bakery, dairy products, and home & personal care products. They are not generally recommended for use with moist, aqueous or alcoholic foods. The cello bags are intended for contact with food under temperate or chilled conditions (temperature range: 0 to +40°C)

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