The following sites may be of some interest and relevance:


Guide to recycling services in Australia

For recycling of used Lead Acid Batteries


Recycle your electronic waste

1800 392 793

Recycle your old mobile phone

Govt Agencies


Dept of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities

Resources re Sustainability Education

Communities caring for catchments & water quality


Environmental Advocacy

Aust Conservation Foundation – Australian non-profit organisation dedicated to the environment

The Wilderness Society – community-based activist & advocacy organisation

Friends of the Earth – working towards an ecologiocally sustainable and socially equitable society

Greenpeace – environmental news, info and resources plus activist environmental campaigns




Climate Change & Carbon Emissions

Dept of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency

Carbon emmissions calculation and  offsetting; and revegetation schemes

Offset your car’s greenhouse gas emissions

Accredited green/renewable electricity for your home and business

Feature Articles on Climate Change: Detailed info on the science and detailed analysis of climate deniers’ arguments and how the media so often gets it wrong.



Green Magazines & News


Green Lifestyle Magazine - Green Living Made Easy


Green Lifestyle Magazine is packed with articles, ideas and tips for everyday sustainable living: home, food, finance, fashion, renovation, technology, how-to as well as the big issues!


Partner Sites

Wholesale supply of Eco Products to Retailers and organisations + promotional printing.

For more info on Australian Seeded Paper and custom printed longer runs of Seeded Paper.

Specialist Eco Promotional Products & Printing